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​ July 9th - Facebook Live

We are close to revamping and going live with new shows. We've had set backs in the last year, but I am happy to announce that there are plans. New guests and even hosts to lighten up the time constraints of everyone here. New equipment has allowed us to go live on Facebook and have multi-camera video. Full shows will remain on Facebook while choice segments, bits, and mini episodes will also live on YouTube as well. There will be regular segments dealing with Dundalk and local they have become a main focus for Rob. Please be patient as we get our show sorted.



Foggy May
 With - Rob, Adam, David, Ben, Reed
 Topics - We interview three piece band Foggy May and talk to them about their influences and local Music. We owe them many thanks for being patient during our test of a live recording. 


FIR - Foggy May
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Garage Inc.
 With - Rob, Adam
 Topics - First show in the Garage Studio, Taso does not return (Yet), Our live show isn't working out, Rob's hospital stay, More bitching about being poor, Foggy May talk, College gatekeepers, Rob preaches about the beliefs of people.


FIR - Garage Inc.
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Rob Is A Fascist
 With - Rob, Adam
 Topics - Last show in the Attic, Mars Supermarket is closing, New local music idea, People bitching about quality, Working for free/Internship, Horrible comments on a Youtube Video, Privacy is a double edged sword.


FIR - Rob Is A Fascist
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