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 With - Rob, Adam, Shorty
 Topics - Shorty comes in for an interview about his life and struugles, media and government corruption, what he does and what is willing to do to get the truth heard, and how we can all make a difference. Our best  interview to date. In two part....ENJOY


FIR - Shorty Pt. 1
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FIR - Shorty Pt. 2
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 Season 3
 With - Rob, Taso
 Topics - We kick off season 3 with our plans for the show from here on out, talk some local sports, badmouth our own
 athletic abilities, discuss our favorite time periods in history, and talk some personal goings on. 


FIR - Season 3
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 Invisibility Sucks
 With - Rob, Taso, Gus, Jess, Heather
 Topics - Breaking News, What we would do right before certain death, We start boring the girls, Gus drops the ball, Combining multiple philosphical questions, Hate on Taso, Question Rob's choices.


 President Donald Fila Trump
 With - Rob, Taso
 Topics - Death in the family, what excites us, movie topics, some hot (late) Star Wars talk, an outrageous lotto jackpot, moving out of the country, sell the rights to your middle name.


FIR - President Fila Trump
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FIR - Invisibility Sucks
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