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Special Thanks

Mila - My Wife

     I could not do this without her nor could i do it if she was a raging bitch. She has been supportive and understanding. If only for that I would love her. ~Rob


Mike O'Meara and TMOS

     Mike is the inspiration for Faking It Radio - If he likes it or not. He went from Radio God to Podcast God in a twist of jacked up fate. Now with Intern turned Producer turned co-host Robb and Oscar from Big O and Dukes, TMOS is doing things never before thought possible from a small office in Georgetown and a spare bedroom in Florida.....Together. Mike often addressed (and still does) what he calls "Baby DJs" and dispensed some knowledge on those listening to learn. I listen everytime. And when Mike got mad and created Internet Radio Tommy to make fun of lame ass podcasters trying to bust him down to their level, I thought, "Shit, he's a pro, but I can do a lame ass show too." A weird jump, I know, but I'm not trying to be in league with Mike now... I'm doing this for my amusement and maybe amuse some of you along the way. If You all want a solid podcast, and one that I never miss,

go to , get their app, and for god sake get a bonus

show's worth it.

Get It Here

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